Download, clone script

Download, clone script clone script is a powerful media script full automatic fetch videos from YouTube using YouTube API V3. This script is built with Bootstrap 3.1 and clean and unique design easy customization, easy installation and extensive documentation for installation and configuration.
Script Features : 
  • Clean & Responsive design
  • Build with Bootstrap 3.1
  • No database needed
  • Fully YouTube Support (Popular Videos, Channels profiles, Related Videos)
  • Custom Videos
  • SEO Optimized
  • Easy Setup
  • Customizable
Installation Instructions : 
Step 1.
Login With your Google account at
Follow below instructions.
Installation Instructions
After creating your YouTube API v3 key setup the script.
Step 2. : Open Include/config.php and fill the all necessary information like Website url, Website Title, website description, and API key.
Save the file and upload the script to your domain root folder.
Her is the sample Config file.


       * App Configuration  
       * @var array  
      $config = array(  
        // Your Site URL  
        "url" => "",  
        // Your Site Title  
        "title" => "Easy Site",  
        // Your Site Description  
        "description" => "A quick description of my site...",  
        // Youtube API Key  
        "key" => "YourGoogleAPIKey",  
        // Google Analytics ID  
        "ga" => "",  
        // Ad Codes  
        "ad728" =>"Your Adcode",  
        "ad468" =>"Your Adcode",  
        "ad300" =>"Your Adcode",  
        // Theme folder name  
        "theme" => "default",  
        // Commenting system  
        "comment" => array( // Facebook is default  
            "facebook" => "",   
            "disqus" => ""  
        // Server's timezone for more accurate data  
        "timezone" => "Asia/Dhaka",  
        // Cache Data - If you notice anomalies, disable this. You should enable this when you get high hits  
        "cache" => FALSE,  
        // Enable mode_rewrite? e.g. user/login instead of index.php?a=user/login  
        "mod_rewrite" => TRUE,  
        // Enable Compression? Makes your website faster  
        "gzip" => TRUE,  
        "debug" => 0,   
      // Include core.php  
      include ('Core.php');                           
Server Requirements : 
  • PHP 5.3.3
  • Mod Rewrite (optional but recommended)
  • Allow_url_fopen ON

Demo, clone script

Download, clone script



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