Effective SEO tips and tricks for beginners

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SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
what do we mean by optimization. Actually optimization means to do anything for ourself to get something extra .
And there , we all know that to optimize a search engine is like game which is played by deception. We decept search engine’s working method and tools such like crawlers and so on.
There are some tips.
1. In your website please avoid ‘how to’ titled post by nofollow from sitemap .
2. Do not keep havier contents on 1st(home page) and 2nd(daughter page).
3. Avoid low class advertisement bar on first page(home page)
4. Change your sitemap view at least 2days after after in a week.
5. Avoid external links from untrusted unknown high pr site. It helps your site so much . Its my personal experience.
5. Create backlinks with sort description according to following post .
6. Use html codes to attract visitors.
I.e. Pay a visite to this post . It can help you to get more information about XYZ
Pay a visite to this post . It can help you to get more information about XYZ
note:XYZ will be the main figure of the following post. Such as food,mobile, Masrafe bin mortaza etc.
Use popular tags for lite pages. And avoid tags like these ‘trip , varsity ,download , 3x, xxx, mobile, best etc’ . The tags will make your sites value to down the low.
I always belive on ‘Example is better than Advise’ . So I always want to give example on every topic I creating.
Thank you for your patience.


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